Officers and Committees

Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee Officers




Gordon Simonett Co-Chair
Denver Supinger Co-Chair
Kenny Bledsoe Secretary
Richard Chew Vice Chair, Finance
Joanne Collins Vice Chair, Precinct Operations
Rachel Rice Vice Chair, Membership
Shyamali Hauth Vice Chair, Outreach

Hunter Mill District Democratic Committee (HMDDC) Representatives




Kenny Bledsoe, Michael Fruitman, Karen Giamo-Kirk Central Communications (C3)
Karen Giamo-Kirk, Brad Swanson The Blue View
Phil Haber, Shyamali Hauth, Gerry Poje, Diversity
Bill Berkson Education
John Farrell Election Law & Voter Protection
Richard Chew, Adam Shubert Finance
Jack Ebeler Headquarters
JoAnne Norton Labor
Shyamali Hauth, Holly Micozzi LGBTQA
Stephen Holl, Sandra Klassen, Barbara Levine National Affairs
Joanne Collins, Jackie DeMauro, Sara Piper, Carrie Bruns, Diana Smith Precinct Operations
Deborah Yates Bunnell, Bill Shillig 50+ Committee
Gayle Rubin, Bill Shillig State & Local Affairs
Rob Rigby Technology
Shyamali Hauth Veterans’ Affairs
Christine Rohrer Voter Registration & Education
Deborah Yates Bunnell Women’s Affairs
Paul Davis Youth Affairs

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