Contribute to HMDDC

Contribute to the HMDDC General Fund

  • The HMDDC General Fund supports general operating funds allowing us to meet our ongoing committee expenses.

Contribute to the Hunter Mill Democrats Blue Virginia Fund

The Hunter Mil Democrats Blue Virginia Fund is designed to replace the revenue we normally receive from the Lasagna Dinner, and these funds allow us to continue our tireless efforts to:

  • Protect the right to vote—safely
  • Lead efforts to improve the voting by mail process
  • Encourage voters to vote by mail and educating them on how to do so
  • Make phone calls and write postcards in support of key Democratic candidates across the Commonwealth

Read more on the Hunter Mill Democrats Blue VA Fund Flyer.

You can also contribute by downloading the Hunter Mill Democrats Blue VA Fund Payment Form.

HMDDC Lasagna Dinner Cookbook

The HMDDC Lasagna Dinner Cookbook is another source of revenue for the Committee, also helping fill the social and culinary gaps left by the cancellation of the Lasagna Dinner. Learn more about the cookbook here and submit your own favorite recipes here.