Election 2019

We are in the heat of 2019 election season, and we need Hunter Mill Democrats to get out in force and volunteer. There are no statewide races at the top of the ticket this year, so it’s imperative that the local committees do everything we can to support our local candidates. These local races are the positions that have the biggest day-to-day impact on our lives in Fairfax County, and we need to show up to make sure our county government and schools reflect our Democratic values.

In Hunter Mill, our local candidates include

  • Melanie Meren, who is running for the Hunter Mill seat on the Fairfax County School Board; and
  • Walter Alcorn, who is running for the Hunter Mill seat on the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

We are also supporting  county-wide races for school board and county supervisor. There are three county-wide school board candidates endorsed by the Democratic party. We must support all three of them and push all Republicans off of the Fairfax county School Board. They are:

Our county-wide Supervisor candidate is

Other county-wide Democratic candidates include:

We are supporting all of these candidates, including candidates for the State House of Delegates and the State Senate. For a list of all Democratic candidates in 2019 (with pictures and websites!) visit: https://fairfaxdemocrats.org/2019/09/19/spotlight-local-democrats-running-in-2019/


It is imperative that everyone remember to FLIP THE BALLOT OVER in 2019. There are a lot of races this year, and some of the most important races are on the BACK of the ballot. You can learn more about the ballot at the Fairfax Democrats’ ballot page. You can also follow this link to enter your address and see who is on your ballot. Other helpful information on voting can be found on Melanie Meren’s voting page, melaniemeren.com/vote. Learn about your ballot, and share the links with family and friends to make sure every Democrat votes in every race.


To support all of these candidates across the county, the Fairfax Democratic Committee and the Jeff McKay campaign have teamed up to form a coordinated campaign called Fighting for Fairfax. This way Democrats can work together and maximize the effectiveness of our efforts.

Hunter Mill District is part of the North County Campaign that also includes Dranesville and Sully Districts.

The North County Field Organizer is Henry Pratt.
Contact Information: henry@fairfaxdemocrats.org / 973-975-3605

The North County Office is located at: 2942 Hunter Mill Rd, Oakton, VA.

The Coordinated Campaign will be hosting campaign events in Hunter Mill.


Hunter Mill has the following days designated for canvassing.
Sign-Up using the links below:

We have hundreds of doors to knock to let voters know about the upcoming election and the candidates on the ballot. The Republicans are targeting the School Board seats. It is imperative that we knock our targets to ensure the Democratic At-Large & District School Board candidates are elected.

If you want to knock doors during the week or on a day not listed above, reach out to get a canvass packet from Henry Pratt or Joanne Collins (collinsjoanne@yahoo.com / 585-703-1121).

The mobilize link to all events is HERE.


We have three staging locations throughout the region for you to choose from for events from November 1 through election day, November 5. Please pick a location that is most convenient to you. There is a Facebook page that has dates and times for all GOTV events from November 2 through November 5.


In-Person Absentee (Early) Voting started Friday, September 20th at the Fairfax County Government Center (FCGC), 12000 Government Center Pkwy, Conf. Room 2-3, Fairfax, VA. It will continue until Saturday, November 2nd. The dates and times you can vote at the FCGC are listed here:

  • Sep 20-Oct 11: Monday-Friday, 8am-4:30pm, (Thursdays until 7pm)
  • Oct 15-Nov1: Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm
  • Oct 5-Nov 2: Saturdays, 9am-5pm

You can also vote at any of the Fairfax County Satellite voting locations below, which are open Oct 17-Nov 2, Monday-Friday, 3pm-7-pm, Saturdays, 9am-5pm. While the North County Governmental Center (NCGC) will likely be convenient for many residents of Hunter Mill, you may vote at any of these locations (note that on election day, Nov. 5, you can only vote at your assigned polling place)

For more information on early voting times and locations, click here.


Hunter Mill Democrats are responsible for staffing the outside poll table for 4 days at the Fairfax County Government Center (FCGC) on 9/24, 10/03, 10/16 & 10/25.

Here is the sign-up genius for your reference and to sign-up volunteers. Look for the Hunter Mill designation when signing up.

Hunter Mill Dems are responsible for the outside poll table at the:
North County Governmental Center (NCGC) beginning Thursday, Oct.17th through Saturday, Nov.2nd. To sign-up as a volunteer at the North County Governmental Center, contact: Phil Haber at philhaber@verizon.net / 703-963-5680.

Elaine Conner is coordinating Hunter Mill Early Voting staffing at the FCGC. Phil Haber (weekdays) & Meg Copernoll (Saturdays) are coordinating Early Voting at the NCGC.


On Election Day, Hunter Mill District Democrats have 27 precincts to cover with an Outside Poll Table. A Precinct Captain / Coordinator will be responsible for overseeing our democratic visibility table where we hand out sample ballots and answer voter questions.

Having volunteers at the polls ALL DAY to hand out sample ballots for our candidates and answer general election questions will be critical to winning the Democratic ticket.

If you are interested in signing up to staff an election day table and have not heard from your precinct captain yet, contact your precinct captain or reach out to Joanne Collins at collinsjoanne@yahoo.com / 585-703-1121.