Better Know a Precinct

There has been much ado about maps in Virginia so far in 2022, but what’s most interesting to many of us are the changes made to our very own precincts.

As we have told you before, the new legislative maps adopted by the Supreme Court in December have led the Board of Supervisors to make adjustments in the boundaries of nine Hunter Mill precincts. Most of these changes are minor, for example, Westbriar, Fox Mill, North Point, Sunrise Valley, and Flint Hill have been split into two new districts (e.g., Westbriar 1 and 2). These newly divided precincts will continue to vote at the same polling locations as before.

Voters in South Lakes, Glade, and Colvin, however, may be voting at a new location. The Attorney General has until early May to issue a certificate of ‘no objection’ to the new precincts. Once that is done, the Office of Elections will notify affected voters.  Watch your mail if you live in one of these precincts.

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