It’s Voter Engagement Season

We are nearing the end of July, moving us into the most important time to engage voters for the mid-term election in November. The only way we can hold onto the House is if everyone hits the doors, the phones, and every other method of engagement. Of course, we’ve got to re-elect Gerry Connolly and Don Beyer, but we also need to do what we can to support candidates in tougher districts in Virginia, like Jennifer Wexton, Elaine Luria, and Abigail Spanberger.

We’ve all seen the polls, but we have also seen time and again that the polls miss an energized base of committed voters and volunteers. We have every reason to be energized after one of the most extremist, destructive Supreme Court terms in American history, after a summer of seeing details of just how far Trump and Republicans went to overthrow the American Constitutional order, after repeated, horrifying mass shootings, and after Republicans in Congress demonstrated hostility toward all manor of rights, including contraceptive access.

And as important as it is to hold onto the U.S. House this year, our engagement this year also sets the stage for 2023, when taking the Virginia House and keeping the Virginia Senate will be more important than it has ever been. We keep saying it here, but the only thing holding Youngkin back from implementing his extremist agenda here in Virginia is a tiny number of Democrats in the Senate. Well… that and the fact that he seems more interested in running for President than being the governor of Virginia. But his White House ambitions will only push him to be more extremist in 2023 if we don’t stop him at the ballot box.

Take the time to read through the various engagements here in the newsletter, check out opportunities in the Fairfax County Democrats calendar, and figure out the best way for you to get out there and defend democracy.